Autism and Better start Initiative

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Children’s Occupational Therapy

Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) or a
Pervasive Developmental Disorder or an Eligible  Disability

One of the ways that clients are able to access medicare funding for Occupational Therapy services, is through the HCWA funding.  This funding is part of the Better Start for Children with Disability Initiative.

Key Points about this funding are:

  • A Medicare rebate is available for children aged under 13 for up to four (4) assessment sessions and for children aged under 15 for up to twenty (20) therapy sessions.  The standard rebate for OT as the Sept 2013 is $74.80.

  • You will need to be referred to Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy by the appropriate Health Professional.  The referral will often be in the form of a letter.

Medicare Autism Rebates

MBS Item No.

Key Features

MBS Scheduled Fee

MBS Rebate (Mar 2014)

82010 Occupational therapy service provided to assist the referring practitioner in the diagnosis of the child and/or in the development of the child’s PDD plan. The child must be aged under 13 years, and the service must be at least 50 mins in duration. Total of 4 sessions per child. $86.30 $74.80
82025 Occupational therapy service provided to a child, aged under 15 years (and who was aged under 13 years at the time of receiving their PDD plan) for treatment of their particular condition. The service must be at least 50 mins in duration. Total of 20 sessions per child. $86.30 $74.80
Who can refer
Access to the funding is provided by different Health Professionals for different parts of the program.

Health Professional


Consultant Psychiatrist

Children with Autism/PDD


Children with  Autism/PDD or Children with a Disability


Children with a Disability


As per Medicare guidelines we will report back to the referring professional.  The  report will include information about

  • any treatment provided
  • recommendations on future management of the condition or problem
  • any advice provided to third parties (e.g. parents, schools).
More Information
On funding for children with autism: