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early intervention?

Common areas an Occupational Therapist can work with a child with ASD include:

– Self care skills, including toilet training and feeding
– Finding ways to manage sensory processing difficulties
– Developing physical coordination
– Learning skills
– Play and social skills

For young children, the starting point is often developing their ability to engage and respond to others, for this we use the DIR® / Floortime™ Model developed by the late Dr Stanley Greenspan.



When we work together you are provided with:

  • a comprehensive assessment and report to individualise a program to provide the most suitable interventions for your child.
  • targeted interventions to help your child develop skills and strategies, based on the key areas of priority for your child, identified through the assessment process.  Intervention areas commonly include working on Sensory Processing, Play Skills, Motor Co-ordination, Daily Living Skills such as toileting and helping picky eaters, Learning Skills, and Social Skills.
  • regular opportunities to reflect and measure progress.

We believe in developing a family centred partnership, working together to help each child to develop skills and strategies, and enjoyment in participation.

At Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy, we have developed an educational and planning resource: Occupational Therapy and Autism – Partnering with Parents that is provided to families of children with ASD when they enter our service, and used throughout intervention sessions. This workbook is used alongside therapies to record and track goals, key learnings, reflection points and to provide a written source of information to compliment all that is discussed during intervention sessions.

At the end of the therapy program, we want parents and carers to able to look back and celebrate the progress that their child has made, and feel confident that they have the tools and support to help them in the future.

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