About Us

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What we do:

We provide focused and effective children’s occupational therapy and speech pathology, to provide children with skills for life using our:

  • Expert knowledge of child development (physical, cognitive, language and social),
  • Understanding of the activities and roles a child participates in (their Occupations)
  • Family centred service model that makes sure families are involved and informed every step along the way.

We believe that it is essential to provide support for children, if they are having difficulties in areas of their development. Through being supported to achieve skills and learn strategies, they receive important messages such as: “I can improve when I practice or get taught another way” “I can ask for help” “I can succeed”.   This is important to help shape a child’s self concept and counter the negative messages of “I can’t….” that they may otherwise feel as they compare their performance to peers.

It is an amazing feeling when we finish a block of therapy with a child, and know that we have been able to make a major difference in one or more areas of their life, and that they have loved their time coming to Grow On Children’s Therapy.