Discovery Phase

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Swapping LettersAfter you have had a Start Up Session with one of our Senior Occupational Therapists if an Assessment has been recommended we can organise a time to:

  • Observe your child’s current performance, through having them complete a variety of tasks relevant to the difficulties they are experiencing.
  • Gather the observations and assessment results needed to develop a detailed therapy plan for your child.
  • Analyse the results to determine the underlying causes of the challenges.

If the outcome of the Start Up Session was a decision to go directly into therapy we can organise a discover session to:

  • Confirming the specific goals for therapy.
  • Gathering the information needed to develop a detailed therapy plan for your child.

When starting therapy we develop a detailed therapy plan for each child.  However in some situations it can be useful to have a more detailed report for your own records, to provide to teachers or to assist other health professionals.  If you decide you would like a report we offer the flexibility of choose the type of report that suits you best.  From just receiving verbal feedback to choosing a full report, we cater for a variety of different reporting options.

Report Options:
Therapy Plan Report
Goals Identified  √  √
Key Assessment Findings  √
How Goals will be Addressed in Therapy Sessions  √
Medical and Developmental History  √
Detailed Assessment Results  √
Detailed Analysis of Assessment Results Addressing Reason for Referral  √
Suitable For To document agreed goals and outline plan and methods to work towards goals through Occupational Therapy. To provide a thorough record of the assessment findings and as a tool of communicating with teachers, seeking a diagnosis or applying for funding.