As Occupational Therapists we recognise that a big part of a child’s ‘occupation’ is play. Through play and games children learn to participate in a group and develop physical and social skills. For some children it can be more difficult to participate in organised sports activities due to physical or social challenges. Fortunately Gold Coast Recreation and Sport are doing some amazing work to bridge this gap for some of the children are helping and we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the work they do. Gold Coast Recreation and Sport is a community organisation that provides sporting and recreation opportunities for children with disabilities. With different events on each month it is well worth subscribing to their newsletter to receive a monthly update on what is happening.

There is a wide range of activities that include:

  • Sporting opportunities in AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Gymnastics
  • Programs for siblings of children with Autism
  • Parent workshops on various topics

If you you think that some of these opportunities might be useful for your child feel free to get in contact and see how they can help.  Contact Jeremy Smith –