Group programs are powerful tools for helping children to learn skills. Groups enable learning from the therapist and learning through interactions with peers. Group therapy provides children with a safe environment to learn and practice skills. They allow therapists to identify and focus on areas of strength and challenge in a social setting, that we may not otherwise have an opportunity to observe.

Groups also provide the opportunity for parents to connect with other parents perhaps travelling a similar road with their child. At Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy all our groups have a parent education component. We strongly believe that parents need to know what their child is doing in the group, and be provided with training in the ways they can support and practice at home the skills their child is learning.

All group programs are run by qualified Occupational Therapists with specialist training in the area of practice the group is focused on. Group sizes range from 2-8 children depending on the focus of the group and the ages of the children. Where a group size is large, two or more staff will run the group.

Here are some tips when considering a group:

  • Consider exactly what the group is focusing on and that the outcomes of the group match what your child needs.
  • Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy provide the opportunity to meet a therapist in an informal information session where the therapist can meet your child and answer any questions you may have. Some groups have a need for a child to be at a certain level of concentration, knowledge or motivation for successful participation in the group. The information session can help you decide if your child will be successful in the group setting at this stage of their development. Sometimes a child may benefit from individual sessions with a therapist prior to participating in a group to target skills preparing them for the group environment.
  • All groups have home practice tasks and strategies to implement at home. These are provided to parents during the parent education component of the group. Consider the timing of the group in relation to other activities going on for your family. Sometimes another extracurricular activity may need to be stopped to allow the time to focus on working with your child on the skill area of focus. Change takes time, frequent practice, repetition, and focused effort.

In 2017 we are  excited to be running more groups than ever before.  Topics include:

  • Emotional Regulation and Social Skills for 8-12 year olds (Secret Agent Society Group Program)
  • Social thinking skills for 5-7 year olds (Social Explorers)
  • Prep Readiness for Pre-prep Students (Ready? Set? Prep!)
  • Handwriting Skills for lower Primary Students
  • Food School Group for under 6 year olds.
  • Food Scientist Group for over 6’s.

If you are interested in a group please request an information pack through the website or give us a call to discuss further and arrange a free information session.