Feeding Groups

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Food Detective

When your child is not able to eat a well balanced diet it can be extremely frustrating and worrying.  As parent or caregiver you are wired to nurture your child and feeding them is a major part of that. Parents often describe to us that they feel like a failure because their child won’t eat.

We run 2 groups to help children that are struggling with fussy eating:

  • Food Detectives (6 years and under)
  • Food School (6 years and over)

Based on the well researched and respected S.O.S. feeding approach these programs are a very effective way to help your child to:

  • learn to have positive experiences with food
  • learn mealtime routine and cues to eating
  • decrease resistance to touching, tasting and swallowing food
  • increase range of food child will try
  • increase volume of food eaten

We also offer training for parents and caregivers that provides education, support and strategies to implement for mealtimes at home. Run twice a year the online training covers:

Session 1: Great Family Food Routines - What do they look like and how to create them? (Click to see contents)
Session 2: Expanding the food Range - The secret of 'Just Right Differences' (Click to see contents)
Session 3: Decreasing the Anxiety, Stress and Power Struggles around Food (Click to see contents)

We would love to see mealtimes and eating become a happy, easy experience for your family. If you would like to be notified about upcoming groups or when the next online parent training is being run just fill in the form below so we can let you know: