Helping Fussy Eaters – Parent Training

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The “Helping Fussy Eaters – Parent Training Program” has been developed to equip parents with the knowledge they need to help their children eat a greater volume and wider variety of foods.

This program will show you how we help families create calmer mealtimes, some of the strategies we use to encourage children to eat a wider variety of foods and how we help parents disarm power struggles around eating.

3 Webinars over 3 months

Webinar 1: Great Family Food Routines - What do they look like and how to create them? (Click to see contents)
Webinar 2: Expanding the food Range - The secret of 'Just Right Differences' (Click to see contents)
Webinar 3: Decreasing the Anxiety, Stress and Power Struggles around Food (Click to see contents)

Based on our experience of working with hundreds of families and understanding that sometimes it can be tough to know exactly how to best apply new knowledge in the home or how to react when your child acts in an unexpected way to changes you have introduced we have decide to also offer the program with a coaching option or a fully supported option as additional extras.

Optional Extra Support Options


Includes a personal session with a feeding specialist (Lara Moes or Rachel Marshal) after each webinar to talk through specific strategies for working with your child and problem solve any issues you are having.

*Available in person at our training centre on the Gold Coast or face to face via our web conferencing system.

Fully Supported**

Includes 9 sessions with Lara, Rachel and a small group of other families that are experiencing similar challenges to your own. As your child explores food, plays with food and experiments with food alongside other children you will be able to experience the strategies covered in the course first hand and work with Lara and Rachel to overcome any issues as they arise.

** Only available at our Ashmore Training Centre on the Gold Coast and see below for information on times and application process.


The program starts on the 22nd of January 2017  and to make sure you do not miss out on the 25% earlybird pricing discount type the code “JAN-EARLYBIRD” in the coupon box below to reveal the discounted pricing.

Extra Information for Full Support Option

  • Full Support involves participation in the 3 webinar “Helping Fussy Eaters – Parent Training Program”, a goal setting session and 9 sessions with a small group of other children and their families working directly with Lara and Rachel implementing the strategies covered in the parent training webinars.
  • To make it easier to investigate this option the initial cost of $144 only covers access to the training and a goal setting session.  This session will give you an opportunity to find out more about Full Support and allow us to advise on how it could help your child.
  • If you decide to go ahead each of the 9 sessions is $125* .  (Note: Sessions can be claimed under private health and are eligible for selected medicare subsidies)
  • Start dates for next set of 9 weekly sessions are:
    • 5 years and under: Thurs 2nd Feburary at 11:30am
    • 6 years and over: Wed 1st Feburary at 4pm**
  • The Full Support program is based on a the well researched and respected S.O.S. feeding approach
  • Only available at our Ashmore Training Centre on the Gold Coast

* Session prices are not included in the earlybird pricing discount.
**  If the scheduled time for 9 weekly sessions with the group do not suit there is the option of having personal support sessions with Lara or Rachel.  This can be discussed at your goal setting session.

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