Therapy Phase

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Occupational Therapy phase

Starting the therapy phase is a really exciting time in your journey with us.  We will work with you to identify a clear set of goals to work towards and provide you with written plan outlining the therapy required to reach them.

Your plan will have a set number of sessions and will take into account how much you wish to help your child progress faster at home by using our specially developed online therapy system that runs on your phone and rewards your child for doing extra practice.


Common Questions asked by Parents are:

What is the average number of sessions in a therapy block?

  • A Therapy plan is developed for short blocks of sessions (usually between 6 – 10) depending on the needs of the child and family.  These therapy blocks are important because they give a clear time frame to work toward specific goals and provide a set time to review progress towards these goals.

What is the advantage of therapy blocks rather than just keeping going until my child is ready to stop?

  • A clear time frame to work toward specific goals and a set time to review progress towards these goals allows parents to regularly evaluate progress and supports a therapy approach that is planned, focused and accountable for outcomes.

Can my therapist help my child in other areas that are not part of our current goals?

  • Your Occupational Therapist becomes part of your team!  We actively work with you to achieve the best outcome for your child and can be a resource for you as questions come up and can help support your child in other settings such as daycare or school.

How long are sessions and are they scheduled weekly or fortnightly?

  • Individual therapy sessions are 45 minutes long and are scheduled weekly or fortnightly depending on your plan.

If you have a question that is not listed here please feel free to give us a call on (07) 5578 2000 or send us a quick question via the contact page or on facebook.