School Readiness: Ready? Set? Prep!

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Children’s Occupational Therapy

The Ready? Set? Prep! Program for school readiness will prepare your child for school by helping them develop the foundational skills required for learning at school.

Before a child is ready for school, it is important that they have developed the foundational physical and behavioural skills that are necessary for learning. If these skills are missed or incompletely developed, a child may struggle with the demands or pace of learning at school.

The Ready? Set? Prep! Program for school readiness will help prepare your child for school by working on the foundational skills required for learning. The Occupational Therapist facilitating the group is experienced in helping children develop the skills required for a positive start to school. The program focuses on these key areas:

  • Self care and organisation skills
  • Listening skills
  • Pencil grip, pencil control and finger strength
  • Big muscle strength and coordination, and hand eye coordination (this is important for learning to write!)

As well providing children with opportunities to develop these essential skills the program provides training and resources for parents to allow continued work on them after the program.


Does my child need an assessment before being part of the group?

No, but if you have not ever visited us before please book a startup session so you can meet us and make sure the group is right for your child.

What if my child does not work well in groups?

Children that have severe struggles with attention and concentration can be seen individually and complete the program as weekly OT sessions.


This course is run on an on-demand basis. If you would like to enquire, please call us on (07) 5578 2000 or contact us.