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Children with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often have a lot of energy to put into things that they enjoy. It is more difficult for them to keep paying attention during other activities and to pick up on details of what is going on around them. Difficulty with concentration and being easily distracted are common concerns. Following instructions and completing school work and homework can also be a challenge.  These factors put the child at risk of falling behind in learning. A child with ADHD may do things without thinking of the consequences and can often end up in trouble as a result of this. Sometimes this can set up a negative cycle around their school experience, or getting things done at home. A child can become known as being difficult, or defiant, without recognition being given to the real differences that are occurring for the child inside their brain and body.

A Comprehensive Assessment allows us to work with children with ADHD to understand their underlying skills, strengths and challenges.  An individualised therapy plan is then made to help them make the most of the areas that they excel, and develop skills and strategies to succeed and participate in more challenging activities or places.

Through the OT assessment and report, parents and teachers can come to a greater understanding of the child’s unique strengths and challenges and ways they can provide support to effectively assist the child. A child can learn effective strategies to develop habits, such as stopping to think before before acting, and to keep paying attention longer. This will help them to have more positive and productive experiences at school, when they go places and at home.  Once understood and equipped, a child with ADHD can use it like a superpower to help them succeed in many areas!

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How to Find ADHD Treatment for Your Child

ADHD treatment on the Gold Coast can aid your child throughout his or her life.

Raising a child is always a challenge, and when your child struggles with ADHD, it can be even harder to help them. At Grow On Children’s Therapy, we are here to give you and your child the assistance and guidance you need to live a full, happy life supported by ADHD treatment on the Gold Coast.

Problems We Address at Grow On Children’s Therapy
There are multiple factors that we believe can aid a child’s development, and we’re passionate about giving your child the life they deserve by incorporating these strategies:

  • There is always a possibility of parental exclusion when a child goes through therapy, which is why at Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy, we focus on the entire family. We give parents a chance to learn along with their children.
  • Children struggle to focus and often have trouble with homework when they are living with untreated ADHD. We aim to help children overcome obstacles so that they can improve their day-to-day lives.
  • Our assessment gives us the opportunity to truly understand a child’s unique strengths and how we make those strengths work to his or her advantage. This foundation provides something your child can rely on every day.

Related Services We Provide to ADHD Treatment

Here are a few other services that we offer as part of ADHD treatment so that your child gets what he or she needs most.

  • The comprehensive assessment that we complete before therapy or treatment starts creates a baseline that we can use to understand the skills, strengths, and challenges that your child experiences.
  • We may be able to help with friendship and social skills so that your child can build strong friendships.

Benefits of working with Grow On Children’s Therapy

At Grow On Children’s Therapy, we provide effective children’s occupational therapy and speech pathology to equip kids with essential life skills. Our extensive knowledge of child development, thorough understanding of children’s activities and roles, and family-centred service model allow us to offer the best possible therapies. We’ll keep you informed and involved every step of the way as your child learns new skills and strategies to help them build confidence in themselves and become more comfortable with the world around them. What we love most about our jobs is seeing the difference we make when a child not only enjoys the time we spend with them but also benefits from it in meaningful, lifelong ways.

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