Are you concerned

about delays in

your child’s development?

When your child is not reaching their developmental milestones at the same pace as their peers, you cannot help but worry.  It can be really difficult to know if you are overreacting and things will sort themselves out in time, or if there is an actual problem that should be looked into further.

An Assessment provides you with information about how your child is performing in comparison to the expected developmental norms for their age.  It will help you to understand exactly what areas your child may need more support to develop and provide you with recommendations about what to you can do about them.

An Assessment provides peace of mind because you will know if there is anything to be concerned about.  If your child is experiencing delays in any areas, you will have the information that you need to take the next step to help them to continue to grow in skills, confidence and enjoyment in participation.

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Work with a Developmental Therapist in the Gold Coast at Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy

Working with a developmental therapist in Gold Coast is beneficial.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s development, you may wish to consider having them work with one of the therapists at Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy. Our therapists work personally with each child to understand the type of developmental therapy they require.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Developmental Therapist Sessions in the Gold Coast

Here are some great tips to get more value out of your child’s session with one of our therapists:

  • Ask your child what they are learning or how they feel after a session
  • Work with your child at home to encourage skill development
  • Speak with your therapist about any questions or concerns you have about treatment

What Sets Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy Apart Regarding a Developmental Therapist in the Gold Coast

We set ourselves apart in providing a developmental therapist in Gold Coast in the following ways:

  • A full assessment, so your child receives accurate therapy sessions
  • Friendly staff who always makes time to address your concerns
  • Consistent reviews to ensure your child continues to excel

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Grown On Children’s Occupational Therapy

As an authority on the developmental difficulties of children, our team understands the stress often associated with these types of issues. Our goal is to help your child grow and develop in a caring and nurturing environment.

For more information about our developmental therapist options in Gold Coast, please call us on 07 5578 2000 or go to our contact page to send us an enquiry.

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