Need Help with Social Skills?

Making friends and relating to others comes easily to some children but more difficult to others.  As a parent, it is very difficult to know how to help your child make friends.  Parents worry about their child’s feelings of loneliness, difference and confusion about how to make friends.  The emotional tolls this takes on your child can often affect the entire family and you worry about your child’s general happiness and feeling about themselves.

Sometimes social difficulties can be caused by children being unaware of the impact their words and actions have on others. This can result in them finding it hard to keep friends and be liked.

We have a number of Social Thinking programs designed to help children understand the social world around them and give them an opportunity to practice this with other children.  These programs are backed by extensive research and are a combination of individual and group therapy.

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When children are able to play make friends, they can start to enjoy the fun that comes from participating in the games the children around them are playing.  Parents can have more confidence sending them on play dates and the child’s greater success making friends leads to more social activities such as invites to birthday activities.

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