Are you concerned

about delays in

your child’s development?

As children learn to talk, they acquire sounds over time with some emerging early – like ‘m’, ‘t’, and ‘d’, and others a bit later – such as ‘r’ and ‘th’. Because of this, most children have some errors as they are learning these sounds which is completely normal.

Most errors will be resolved naturally – children will “grow out of it”. Sometimes, however, these errors can be stubborn and take time to resolve. They can also make it difficult to understand a child – especially as their language is developing and they are using more words. When this is the case, some children can become frustrated when others are unable to understand them or withdraw from interactions.

An assessment from a speech pathologist can help determine if the errors in speech are appropriate for their age, a bit behind, or if there are other difficulties impacting speech – such as oral motor or language difficulties. If difficulties have been identified, we work with you and your child to build on their strengths and improve in those areas they have difficulty.

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