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‘3 Steps to Help’ – Startup Session

Are you looking for help for your child?  Have you been supporting them to overcome a challenge but just don’t seem to be making enough progress?  Would you like to talk to a professional about they have helped other children facing similar issues?

We have helped hundreds of children overcome challenges and provided their parents with the training and support they need to create a happier and calmer home and school life for their child.  A 3 Step Startup Session with one of our Senior Occupational Therapists will help you to:

1. Gain a better understanding of what is holding your child back

At Grow on Children’s Occupational Therapy we take the time to make sure every child has the opportunity to be assessed by one of our Senior Occupational Therapists.  By gathering a detailed medical and developmental history and taking the time to clearly understand your concerns we are able to discuss with you the underlying issues that can cause the challenge being experienced by your child.

2. Leave with a plan for the future

We conduct a basic screen for sensory processing, fine motor and perceptual skills, gross motor skills, feeding and social challenges. This enables us identify any areas contributing to the challenges being experienced that you may not have been aware of and provide you with a treatment plan outlining how we are able to help.

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3. Have a clear understanding of the options available to help your child get on the right track

While the treatments we provide are evidence based and industry best practice we strive to provide a number of ways for families to access them.  We will make sure we let you now about any group therapy options that are available for treatments that have been included on your treatment plan.  If you need a report produced we can also help you decide which style of report will meet your needs.

We guarantee you will have a better understanding of the challenge your child is experiencing and the solution that is required to get you to where you want to be.

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