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Grow On Children’s Occupational Therapy

Information for Teachers:

Occupational Therapy can help with a wide range of interventions and supports for students experiencing challenges with participation, learning or performance at school.  Below you can find a link to some Teacher’s Quick Reference Guides, a set of checklists we have developed to help teachers to decide if a student could benefit from Occupational Therapy, and if so, to provide a tool that teachers can use to communicate their concerns to a parent.  

Teacher’s Quick Reference Guide – Overall (click to open)

Teachers’ Quick Reference Guide –  Handwriting (click to open)


When we work with children we recognise that it is crucial to include parents and teachers in the journey, helping them understand through education and demonstration how to best support the child.  Through our blog and Facebook page, we regularly publish articles on a wide range of topics and questions that we commonly get asked by parents and teachers.

The articles can also be useful for teachers to share with parents when discussing an area of concern you have observed for their child. Please feel free to share our articles, with credit to the authors.



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