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Telehealth Services

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth involves the use of technology to provide therapy services. At Grow On Children’s Therapy, we utilise video-conferencing software, telephone consultations and emails to provide assessment and therapy for occupational therapy and speech pathology.

Telehealth is a useful platform for families that have difficulties attending face-to-face appointments and want to continue accessing support from their therapist.

At times when face-to-face services are not possible, telehealth allows our therapists to provide continuity of care so that our clients continue to improve and achieve their goals.

Telehealth Services with Grow On Children’s Therapy

At Grow On Children’s Therapy we start the telehealth process with a 10 minute trial session free of charge so we can address any concerns or issues with internet connection, software difficulties, or engagement of the client.

Following this we complete a 30-minute session with the parent or carer to discuss goals for assessment and intervention and how best to target those through this platform. This may involve:

  • Direct sessions between the client and therapist using Zoom software;
  • Working with and coaching parents and carers to provide therapy at home;
  • Reviewing home videos of practice and interaction to provide support and ongoing strategies for further improvement; and/or
  • Providing consultations to parents or carers for support with behavioural management strategies.

Our therapists review goals and strategies regularly to ensure that clients and families are confident in their therapy. The combination of telehealth methods is individualised to meet each client and family’s needs to ensure they are receiving the most effective service and can continue to grow and develop.

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