How We Help

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Through listening to the hundreds of parents we have helped we know that when their child is struggling with a challenge parents:

  • want help from an expert that will take the time to understand their child’s abilities and challenges
  • want to understand the underlying causes and what can be done to help
  • want solutions that are tailored to their unique family situation and routines
  • want a partnership with their therapist focused on helping their child achieve progress
  • want progress to be measured and clear reported back to them

To make sure we can provide this for every family our therapy is provided in 4 clear phases:

  1. Startup: We help you gain a better understanding of the challenges being experience by your child and let you know the options available to help them get back on the right track.
  2. Discovery: We work with your child to find any underlying causes and gather the information we need to prepare a therapy plan or report for you.
  3. Therapy: We provide you with a detailed therapy plan designed to help your child achieve a clear set of goals.  Using our experience and skills we implement the therapy strategies and methods identified in the therapy plan and support and coach you to help your child at home between sessions.
  4. Review: We give you the information you need to evaluate your child’s progress towards therapy goals by providing an outcomes report at the end of each therapy block

When providing Therapy we schedule appointments in a ‘block’.  A therapy block is a set of therapy sessions that are booked with a specific goal/s to be worked towards.  At the end of a therapy block we report back on progress to parents.